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ACTE book of the month, April 2010!

Cardinal Rules: Stepping Stones into Entrepreneurship

This book was written to educate our young adults in two critical areas: income creation and financial literacy. It is a wonderful guide which shows young adults how to create an income using E-Commerce and service business techniques.

Young Entrepreneurs
Vicki Weiderkehr
Vicki Weiderkehr

Cardinal Professional Entrepreneurship Educational Programs

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"I am excited to offer to you a list of our services. As a true entrepreneur, taking the easy way out was never an option. As a result of my hard work and dedication to developing youth skills, basic entrepreneurship education, and planning a life of success, the youth book of Cardinal Rules is being offered nationally among high schools through ACTE and Stokes Educational Services. The adult book of Cardinal Rules goes into a national forum for workforce development in just a few weeks. I am pleased to share my work with you, and look forward to a long relationship in small business development among all professionals I meet."
– Vicki Wiederkehr

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ACTE now offers our youth book of Cardinal Rules in their program guide. To purchase through ACTE, click here. For more information on instructional support materials, see our Educational Programs.

Stokes Educational Services

Stokes Educational Services will provide educational support to the school systems in the way of books, programs, and curriculum this fall. Their company can be found at Contact the CEO of Stokes Educational Services, Mr. Robert Stokes, at 417-649-8862.

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For even more information, view Ms. Weiderkehr's video on YouTube.