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ACTE book of the month, April 2010!

Cardinal Rules: Stepping Stones into Entrepreneurship

This book was written to help educate our young adults in two critical areas: income creation and financial literacy. It is a wonderful guide which shows young adults how to create an income using E-Commerce and service business techniques.

Young Entrepreneurs
Vicki Weiderkehr
Vicki Weiderkehr

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Vicki Wiederkehr, Business Consultant on the Cardinal Rules of Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce

Vicki Wiederkehr

Vicki Wiederkehr, founder of Cardinal Selling Services, LLC, is an author, instructor and speaker. Vicki conducts entrepreneurial boot camps nationally, gives presentations to a variety of audiences regarding small business creation, and inspires others with her tremendous energy and passion for entrepreneurship. Vicki is working to incorporate entrepreneurship as a vital piece in educational reform. Learn the Cardinal Rules for financial independence; How to create an e-commerce business on E-bay; Why creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship empower our youth and leaders to create businesses; and Essential qualities and strategies for business success. The show informs and encourages listeners to achieve their career goals by featuring experts and business leaders on job search and career advancement. Show hosts are Ken and Sheryl Dawson, principals of Total Career Success, Inc. and authors of Job Search: The Total System. For 7 free videos go to

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Group promotes early entrepreneurship
(article from Dubois County Herald)

Vicki Wiederkehr

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