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ACTE book of the month, April 2010!

Cardinal Rules: Stepping Stones into Entrepreneurship

This book was written to help educate our young adults in two critical areas: income creation and financial literacy. It is a wonderful guide which shows young adults how to create an income using E-Commerce and service business techniques.

Young Entrepreneurs
Vicki Weiderkehr
Vicki Weiderkehr

Our Educational Program

The book, Cardinal Rules: Financial Resources for Young Adults - Stepping Stones into Entrepreneurship, has laid the foundation for a non-traditional educational setting. It allows the teacher, of nearly any class or course, the availability to work the content into their curriculum. Whether as an
English, Business Law, Economics, Web Design, E-Commerce, or Entrepreneur/Small Business class - this book and its valuable material will quickly become a yearly teaching tool.


The book and its entire program shows a PRACTICAL and EASY way to follow a set of guidelines to create income for the college student. It provides financial literacy, which is the move of the future.

Who is utilizing our program? Adult Literacy groups, Entrepreneurial Groups, Marketing Groups (DECA sponsors), BPA (Business Professionals of America) sponsors, high school teachers, computer instructors, technology students, and web design classes.

Educator Materials:

• Instructor DVD: $29 - One hour book overview on DVD for use in a classroom setting.

• Lesson Plan: $29
• Lesson Plan with Chapter PowerPoint: $49
• Lesson Plan, PowerPoint, Video Library: $149
• Lesson Plan, PowerPoint, Video Library, and Curriculum Guide: $499

Book-Volume Purchases (package deals for teachers)
• 1-24: $22.95 per book
• 25-99: $17.50 per book
• 100-499: $15.50 per book
• 500-999: $14.00 per book
• 1000+: $12.50 per book

This book can be used for both traditional and non-traditional education. Let us help you use it to it’s full potential. Whether your course is the entire high school student body or one economics class, this book can work in nearly any classroom setting, club or organization.