Cardinal Young Entrepreneurs in Action

ACTE book of the month, April 2010!

Cardinal Rules: Stepping Stones into Entrepreneurship

This book was written to help educate our young adults in two critical areas: income creation and financial literacy. It is a wonderful guide which shows young adults how to create an income using E-Commerce and service business techniques.

Young Entrepreneurs
Vicki Weiderkehr
Vicki Weiderkehr


My partners and I are on an accelerated path to provide revolutionary entrepreneurship education with high-tech methods and cutting edge information.

"Great job on your book! Your advice is sound and appropriate for any age group." –Bobby Clark

Entrepreneurial Traits

Being an entrepreneur involves creativity and self-motivation. Other characteristics of a successful entrepreneur include the list below.

Do you have what it takes?

Handles Failure
Tolerates Uncertainty
Achievement Driven
Tolerates Stress
Has Initiative
Ability to Prioritize
Handles Feedback Wisely
Decision Maker
Understands Delayed Gratification
Able to Plan
Able to Persevere

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