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ACTE book of the month, April 2010!

Cardinal Rules: Stepping Stones into Entrepreneurship

This book was written to help educate our young adults in two critical areas: income creation and financial literacy. It is a wonderful guide which shows young adults how to create an income using E-Commerce and service business techniques.

Young Entrepreneurs
Vicki Weiderkehr
Vicki Weiderkehr

Public Speaking

Vicki is available for national speaking opportunities. Topics of discussion may vary according to organization needs.

The following is a guideline for speaking fees. Inquire for a custom quote today at

1 Hour High School (student body or graduation ceremony)
- $395 + Travel Fees
4 Hour Consultation/Speaking/Entrepreneurial Program
- $745 + Travel Fees
8 Hour Consultation/Speaking/Entrepreneurial Program
- $1,140 + Travel Fees
2-Day Consultation/Speaking/Entrrepreneurial Program
- $1,740 + Travel Fees

*We have a year-long entrepreneurial coaching program in place and available in a 4-hour consulting overview format. This would be delivered to a coordinating administrator looking to incorporate this program in their curriculum. It is a powerful course for idea creation, packed with practical implementation strategies. The package price will be quoted individually, as per the organization or school's needs.

**Teacher Coaching - have your school district hire me for a 2 hour seminar on teaching entrepreneurism to your teachers.

State of Indiana DECA conference (March 2008) - Vicki led an informative workshop at this state conference. As one of three break-out speakers, this presentation had the fullest count of attendees. A great audience of young marketing students!

Business Professionals of America hosted Vicki as a guest speaker at their 2008 annual career conference in Reno, NV. BPA is a national organization of high school and college students who are business career oriented. Vicki instructed two seminars at this event which focuses on the content of the book.